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Mannai InfoTech is a leading information and communication technology (ICT) solutions provider in Qatar. From Application Implementation, bespoke Application Development, Systems Integration, Mobility, Master Data Management, Cyber Security, Enterprise Information Management, Data Warehousing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using on-premises and/or cloud architecture, hardware and networking, we enable our clients to create and build strategies for their digital transformation.

Driven by a team of innovators and differentiated by extensive experience in diversified existing technologies, we harness the power of computing and automation to help our clients successfully adapt to the digital world. Through a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end services, we are committed to enabling a smart and connected society leading to national growth and sustainability.

In the era of economic globalization, we engage with an enriched bilingual workforce of certified professionals that aims to deliver the highest standards of performance across all business engagements.

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Ensuring business continuity, robust security, and regulatory compliance while reducing costs is a must for today’s IT organizations, together with building agile, responsive, and scalable infrastructures that advance business strategy.

Infrastructure Services can help find innovative ways to reduce infrastructure costs so you can direct more of your technology expenditures toward strategic initiatives. We take a proactive approach to managing your infrastructure and provide comprehensive solutions for consolidating, standardizing, automating, and virtualizing your IT infrastructure.

With a cost-effective combination of global, skilled resources, industry standard processes, and leading technology, we not only manage your infrastructure, but actually improve it.

Our solutions help organizations deliver better performance, availability, and security at a lower cost than generic infrastructure. They simplify your operational environment, and effortlessly integrate with the public cloud when needed.

  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Tape and Disk Backup Solutions
  • IP network infrastructure
  • Datacenter Solutions
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Unified communications and collaboration

Enterprise applications are a core component of your IT foundation. Integrating and aligning them with your business processes are necessary to building an efficient and adaptable IT foundation. These applications can help you run your business more efficiently, reduce the operating costs and manage manpower optimally.

Whether your project is an enterprise-wide on-premise or cloud implementation, upgrade to the latest release, rollout to several entities (locally / globally), resource deputation to manage your application or end-to-end managed services, we can help minimize cost and risk while maximizing efficiencies and value to your business. Our long-term, strategic partnerships with technology leaders, Centers of Excellence, and leading-edge certifications keep our consultants at the forefront of the latest technology advances. This means less risk, greater efficiency, and more innovative solutions for you.

We provide a comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. Mannai has invested in setting up a Competency Centre that gives us an advantage through supremacy of intellectual capital, local presence and availability of bilingual resources, certified project management resources and solution architects. Our team of certified experts helps clients achieve and streamline their business processes through industry’s best practices and methodologies

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • E-procurement Supply Chain solutions (To learn more, click here)
  • Governance, Performance, Risk & Compliance (To learn more, click here)

Through the evolution of the enterprise IT and networks, enterprises have added new age services to the existing enterprise network management system, to meet their immediate needs. Although this approach has helped them meet their immediate requirements, it has led to management systems which are complex to manage and difficult to extend. This has led to many challenges, such as decelerated technology, complex management, vendor crowding and rising overhead.

Enterprises urgently need a solution to simplify these complexities and pave the way for a modular and flexible approach to continue subscribing outsourcing services from Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Our managed services address these needs of enterprises through a modular portfolio of managed enterprise services with a wide variety of offerings.

Outsourcing is not just a method of gaining a one-time cost advantage, but an effective strategy for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages when executed as part of an overall sourcing strategy. Through an optimal blend of onsite, nearshore, and offshore resources, our cost-effective delivery model balances global reach with local accountability and delivery excellence.

  • Database Managed services
  • Infrastructure Managed Services
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Analytics as a service
  • Resource Augmentation
  • Testing Services

Once considered an IT management issue, cybersecurity risk is now a prioritized business risk worthy of executive and boardroom attention. Mission-critical assets are often in digital form, and when they’re stolen or made inaccessible by hackers, companies can suffer material loss of revenue, reputation, and even long-term value.

Our solutions help build security into the fabric of your digital enterprise. With industry-leading security solutions, we specialize in predicting attacks, proactively responding to threats, ensuring compliance, and protecting data, applications, infrastructure and endpoints.

Mannai has continually strived to help businesses reinvent how they engage with customers, how and where their employees work, and the way they partner with others. This is made possible through the comprehensive stack of solutions that engages securely with anyone, anywhere and anytime, with an unparalleled “service first” philosophy.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions
governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions
Core Directory Services
Privileged Identity and Access Management (PIM/PAM)

Our Services include:

  • Privileged Access Management
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM) Solutions
  • Endpoint & Network DLP
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Next-Gen CASB Cloud Security
  • Deception Technology
  • Email Security
  • Data Access Governance & Active Directory Security
  • Data Classification & Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Digital Visibility & Remediation Platform
  • Threat Intelligence Platform
  • Security Awareness Training Modules & LMS Platform
  • ISO27K & NIA Assessment & Implementation
  • Biometrics & Two Factor Authentication
  • SSL Security, Secure Socket Layer
  • PKI & Digital Certificates
  • Point to Point Encryption
  • Tokenization
  • Enterprise Cyber Analytics
  • SIEM
  • MDR Platform
  • Application Security Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

IT infrastructure is changing and so are the challenges facing the data center. Whereas cloud was once adopted to seize opportunities that lay outside of the traditional IT environment, it’s now becoming a mainstream way to deliver a whole range of applications and business processes.

This has given rise to a hybrid IT landscape where cloud services are delivered alongside, traditional non-cloud systems. As a result, cloud is starting to achieve its true potential – not as a way of delivering new capabilities piecemeal, but as a fully integrated element of the overall IT landscape.

We can help maximize your private cloud, public cloud and legacy infrastructure with our industry-leading services. We can rapidly migrate the right workloads to the cloud, modernize applications and securely manage your hybrid environment

Whether you want to optimize your existing infrastructure or fully outsource the management of your IT systems, our data center services are designed to complement your in-house expertise. Whatever the scope of service you require, we’re perfectly placed to deliver the efficiencies you require, along with the full assurance of meeting your security, compliance and performance needs.

  • Database as a Service (DBaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Cloud Integration Solutions
  • Advisory, Transformation and Migration Solutions

Digital technologies are changing the face of business. This change is accelerating faster than the pace of transformation in organizations. We believe that digital transformation is first and foremost a business transformation. People, not technology, are the most important piece in the digital transformation puzzle.

Digital transformation has become the ultimate challenge in change management because it impacts not only industry structures and strategic positioning but all levels of an organization (every task, activity, process) and its extended supply chain. Leaders must constantly challenge their organizations to ensure that this technology-enabled change can unlock productivity gains and significant competitive advantage and understand where and how the fundamentals of their current operations could be unsettled by agile new entrants or new business models.

Our talented consultants help clients define and deliver winning strategies by harnessing the power of the digital economy, through a collaborative, relationship-based approach. Our commitment is to deliver significant improvements in value and performance.

Our solutions include:

  • Enterprise Mobile Applications (B2B, B2E, B2C)
  • Geographic Information System Solutions (To learn more, click here)
  • Business Process Management Solutions
  • Service Oriented Architecture & Microservices
  • Enterprise Content Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Architecture Solutions
  • Web Experience Management Solutions
  • Ecommerce
  • Augmented Reality
  • Robotic Process Automation (To learn more, click here)
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence
  • Project Management Solutions (To learn more, click here)
  • Low code development using Oracle Application Express (Apex)


Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year 2024 – MENAT
Master Specialization Partner 2024 – Gulf North Region
Innovative Digital Transformation Partner Award 2024 – Qatar
Google Cloud
GenAI BlueSprint Hackathon Award
Google Cloud
Delivery Readiness Index Award
Top Performer Award, Starlink Milestone Recognition 2023
Oracle Customer Success Partner of the Year 2023 – Europe Middle East and Africa
SAS Partner of the Year 2023 – Qatar
Oracle Cloud Systems Excellence Award 2023 – Qatar
Huawei Enterprise Storage Partner of the Year 2023 – Middle East & Central Asia
Huawei Digital PowerGlobal Innovation Award 2023
Huawei Q1 Best IT Storage Partner 2023 – Qatar
Liferay Excellence in Execution 2022 – Middle East & Africa
Huawei IdeaHub Series Top Performer of the Year 2022, Govt. Sector – Qatar
OpenText Partner of the Year 2021 – Middle East
Huawei The Fellow Traveller Award 2021 – Middle East
Huawei Best Marketing Partner of the Year 2021 – Middle East
Informatica Data Cloud Channel Partner of the Year 2020 – EMEA and LATAM Region
Huawei Partner of the Year 2020 – Gulf North Region
Huawei Outstanding Partner Award 2020 – Excellent Global Channel Partner
SAS Partner Excellence Award 2020 – Middle East
Huawei H1 Best Performance Partner 2020 – Gulf North Region
Huawei H1 Best IT Delivery Project Award 2020 – Gulf North Region
Huawei Outstanding Partner 2019 – Gulf North Region
Huawei Partner of the Year 2019 – Gulf North Region
Systems Integrator of the Year 2019, Qatar Digital Business Awards
Partner of the Year 2019, Engineered Systems – Global
Partner of the Year 2019, Systems – EMEA Region
Intelligent Computing Best Supporting Partner 2019 – EMEA region
Premier Support Award 2019, Strategic Partner – Qatar
Kony Inc. Partner of the Year 2019, Quantum
Oracle Top Performer of the Year 2019 – MENA region
Oracle Partner of the Year 2019, Systems – MENA region
Oracle First Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer Certified Partner, Qatar
Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2018, Cloud at Customer – EMEA region
Oracle Cloud Innovation Award of the Year 2018, Move Tech Workload – MENA
Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2016, Industry – Gulf States and Saudi Arabia
Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2015, Applications – Global
Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2015, Applications – EMEA
Oracle Storage Award 2015 – MEA
Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2014, Engineered Systems/Big Data/BI – Gulf States and Saudi Arabia
Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2013, Engineered Systems – Middle East
Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2012, Industry – Global
Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2012, Industry – EMEA
Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2012, Server and Storage Systems – EMEA
OpenText Most Collaborative Partner Award 2015
OpenText Sales Achievement Award 2014
OpenText Partner of the Year 2014 – Middle East
ICT Business Award Best Mobile Application of the Year 2017
ICT Business Award Service Provider of the Year 2016, Hardware
ICT Business Award Service Provider of the Year 2014, Hardware


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